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Detailed differences between iPhone 2G and 3G



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iPhone 2G and 3G

iPhone 2G and 3G


121 thoughts on “Detailed differences between iPhone 2G and 3G

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  2. hi, how are you? would you please help me wiht making my iphone arabic, i would like to have an arabic font?? can you help with that?

    thAnk you

    Omar Abdulrahman

  3. Hi Omar,
    I’m fine thanks and how are you?
    Personally I don’t know much about adding a language on the phone, but I found some videos on YouTube (they really help me with my iPhone), you only need to have Installer installed. The 2 videos are: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUShkAE4dMw and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eLkxEPX4qo&feature=related
    Let me know if that precess helped you and I hope it will. Bye Vitto

  4. thaks for the info. its so helpful

  5. Good morning!
    I bought a iphone 4gb, But i was expecting the 8gb 3g.
    Are they the same phone? Because i was reading about it, and the difference is only the 3g connection.
    Can you explain it to me better?
    Thank you so much!

  6. Hi Marllus!
    If you have an iPhone with 4Gb of memory it’s obviously the iPhone 2G, not the 3G (which is only available with 8 or 16 Gb of memory). The differences are not only the 3G connection, but also the GPS Antenna.
    If you really bought that iPhone, but you were expecting a 3G one, than I don’t see any other possibilities except for a fraud (I feel sorry for that).

  7. hey, i just wnna ask…besides the connection speed and gps, the rest of the features for both phones are the same??? i’m thinking since i’m a student n i dun really use gps or 3g services, which phone is more suitable for me>??

  8. If you don’t need gps or 3G connection, you should think about buying the 2G iPhone. Personally, I suggest you to wait until June 2009: Apple is probably going to introduce a new iPhone, which is going to be much better than the 2G and 3G iPhone.

  9. hi there,
    does this mean that the iphone 2g does not have google maps??

    • Hi!
      No, actually the 2G iPhones have Google Maps. You just don’t get real-time indication of your current position (because they don’t have GPS antenna).

  10. I watched your blog a little and i find it quite usefull and good…. keep it up

  11. hi
    I’m looking on ebay for iphones and i was wondering if you believe that there is any great advantage in buying a 3g one or if i should just buy anyone

    • The 3G iPhone has surely more features than the 2G. Anyway, I suggest you to wait until June or at least until August, because probably a new iPhone model will be released.

  12. hi, i was just reading your posts and you mentioned that apple are probably bringing out a new iphone but infact it is a new operating system for the iphone 3g (which will be available as a download) and not a new handset, it is called iphone 3.0 and i have found a link to a video for you guys to look at http://www.apple.com/quicktime/qtv/keynote/ hope this helps :o)

  13. Hi, I was given an Iphone by one of my friends, she isn’t sure if it’s a 2G or 3G.
    I’ve been trying to determine which one it is as I need to order a new screen (the current one is smashed). This one has a plastic back case but the minijack is 4mm wide.(according to your comparison it falls under both categories?) It’s a 16GB iphone. Can you tell me if there is a definitive way to determine which one I have so I can order the right parts for it?


    • Hi Jenn,
      the plastic back case is unmistakable. However, determining the size of the minijack should not be as easy as taking a ruler and measuring it (even I don’t really now how to measure it exactly). So, I’m quite sure it’s a 3G iPhone with the 16Gb of memory.

  14. hey ivitto i’d really like to know which iphone is more stlylish n classy looking ,i’m gonna use internet on the wifi so 3g or 2g does’nt matter much
    and does 3g has better display (colourwise) ??? im confused which one to buy !

    • Between the two iPhones the 3G looks a little “more stylish n classy looking”, but it’s really up to you choosing the best design.
      The 3G has a slightly improved display with warmer colors than the 2G.

  15. hey thanks there pal !
    can u tell me if we ps need internet access to access gps or it runs independent itof like i guess gps installed in cars 😮
    thnx a lot !

    • You need internet access only to download the maps (in Google Maps for example); you don’t need it if you want just to find your location or see your moving speed (in other AppStore apps).

  16. wow thankx man , ur cool ! 🙂

  17. Hey there pal,

    I was wondering if you could help me make a decision. My mate said he would sell his 16 gb iphone for $350, but it is 2g. It is pretty much brand new but he is upgrading to 3g. Is it worth it?

    • I think it’s the right price for selling it, even because you can find the 8Gb 3G iPhone for about 50$ more on the internet.

      • Is there a huge difference between the two? if im only going to be using it for normal phone use, eg not browsing the net outside wifi areas, although i have wifi at home so i will most likely use that. Also im in Australia too so the prices may be different:)

      • There’s really not a huge difference between the two phones. So, the 2G should just be fine for you.

  18. Hello! Thanks for all your info!
    For the GPS on a 2G, i was wondering if it still works without internet even if you’re not using a service provider. For instance one with no contract or an unlocked one. And does it pinpoint detailed specific coordinates and waypoints? (what are the differences between the 2G and 3G GPS’ mainly?)

    And are the picture qualities different on the phones (camera)??? As well, how much faster is the internet on the 3G from the 2G?
    Thank you!

    • The GPS needs internet in both iPhones: the 2G iPhone doesn’t even have a GPS receiver (3G does), so the pinpoint is very inaccurate and just shows an area in which you should be (I could say it’s a “pin-circle”.
      The camera is the same on both phones.
      If you’re browsing the internet trough a Wi-Fi connection both iPhone have the same speed; if you’re browsing with service provider (mobile) the 3G iPhone is pretty faster than the 2G.

  19. hi i was just wondering if the 2g iphone can still use all the same apps and software programs that the 3g one can and will the 2g iphone still work on a network provider that has 3g menus

    • The 2G iPhone can run the same apps as the 3G. The 2G will still work perfectly on a 3G network keeping the same EDGE browsing speed.

  20. hi sorry i forgot to ask this, what does jailbreaking th iphone mean is this unlocking it? and also i have heard if u jailbreak a iphone or use a turbo sim when u download new software/firmware it can stuff ur iphone up real bad so it wont work is this true do you know?

    thanx for all the info

  21. hi there, i have three questions for you
    i have just purchased an iphone from ebay, however it is from America. 1.) could you please tell me the differences between the uk one and the American one.
    2.)i was also wandering if i can use the iphones remaining 1 years warranty in the uk?
    3.) whether i will have to buy a plud adaptor for the uk plugs.

    • 1) Fortunately, there are no differences between the UK and the American iPhones.
      2) If the warranty isn’t expired, you can still use it: Apple’s warranty is valid worldwide.
      3) You will need to have to buy a plug adaptor for the UK, since the phone was sold in the USA.

  22. if im using a 3g phone and i will place a call to iphone 2g can i use the video call

  23. Is it possible to have a GPS antenna for the Iphone 1 generation ?
    if yes, where can I find this information
    thank you,

  24. i have many questions ,
    does iphone 2G have black cover ?
    does iphone 2G get hot ” warm “when using it for a long time ?
    does iphone 2G get finger printer stuck on its screen ?
    still is it slower in usual use than the iphone 3G ?

    • The 2G doesn’t have a black cover: it’s made out of aluminum.
      It gets a little warm when used for long time.
      It gets finger prints on the screen.
      No, 2G and 3G have same hardware.

  25. so u r telling me that the only difference between them are the connection speed and the cover right ?

    my last question

    is it possible to use 3G application on 2G version ?

    thanks a lot

  26. pages/blogs/etc like this one is what the web is meant for. experts who willingly and (for free!) help us less fortunate with difficult technical mumbo jumbo. keep up the good work and thanks for your time!

  27. I’m really confused between 2g and 3g
    Please I want u to tell me in general , which one is best and to know I’m a student .So , what’s good for me ???
    and thanks .

  28. Thank u very very much
    now , I’m fine

  29. one more question please , the memory of iphone 2g is 8 gb right ?
    So , is there an external memory to add ?

    • The most common 2G iPhone has 8Gb, but there are other two versions with 4 and 16 Gb.
      Unfortunately no, you can’t add memory to it.

  30. which one is more pretty in design 2g or 3g and which one is heavier ?
    thanks a lot .

    • Personally the design of the 3G looks prettier, but the choice is up to you.
      Since it is made with aluminum, the 2G is heavier than the 3G, which is made with plastic.

  31. Hi, I am thinking of buying the iphone and I am struggling whehter to choose the 3g or 2g. I was really close to buying the 3g but my brother said it isn’t worth the additional £100+. Do you think its alright to just buy the iphone 2g, and will I be missing out on much if I don’t buy the 3g? Thanks a lot.

  32. Hello, i was wondering if i bought an unlocked iphone 2g would my prepaid 3g sim card work on it?


  33. Just wanted to say thank you. This is one great blog with lots of well thought of questions. Will definately be back to see how it progresses.

    • Thanks a lot! Unfortunately i’ve been very busy and i’m not really updating this blog anymore. I just answer questions and comments for now.

  34. so the 2g iphone is more powerful on the wi-fi?

  35. Hey,

    I had a friend give me her old Iphone because she ended up getting a 3GS but I do not know if this is a 3G or a 2G. I thought that several times I saw it connect to 3G when I was surfing but most of the time I am connected to the edge network. Also in google maps it shows my current location and shows updated moving like GPS in it. I guess thats why I am a little confused on which I have. It does have the silver back like a 2G as well. either way it doesnt really matter since I am very happy with it. keep doing what you do.


  36. To run an unlocked phone on T-mobile, where 3G won’t work anyway, it sounds like it would be ok to buy the less expensive 2G phone. But will I then need to update it to the the 3.0 firmware? Or does that only work with the 3G phone? Thanks.

    • 3.0 firmware (or the newest 3.1.2) works on all iPhones, including the 2G, which should be ok for you if T-Mobile doesn’t provide 3G network.

  37. hi im thinkin of getting an i phone and want to use the internet for browsing and i tunes and also want to download apps can i do all this on the 2g? thanks

  38. hi i want to buy an i phone do the shops still sell the 2g version and is there a 4g version out now??

    • The shops don’t sell the 2G version any more and there isn’t a 4G version out now. The latest iPhone model is the 3GS at the moment.

  39. hi my uncle is going out to americia and i was wondering if he could but me the i phone 3g / s 8gb would this work over here in noerhern ireland on o2??

  40. Hello,
    Does iPhone 3G support 2G sim card?

  41. i have a question, will normal earphones work on the iphone 2g ? thanks

  42. if i purchase an iphone to korea then used it to philippines, can it still work? Thanks a lot. =)

  43. Hi,’
    i have an iphone 2g, and want to upgrade it to an ios 4.0, but can’t , i searched and got an ios4.o mod( or something).I don’t know how to update it, neither i have an at&t sim. how can i get ios4.o or mod? I live in India.Thx, Pls Reply ASAP.

  44. Thanks a lot buddy for all the post. The information helps a lot co’z am planning to buy a iphone this month. you really are a good SAMARITAN. kudos to you!

  45. iVitto your blogs really helpful! Cheers!

  46. can the iphone 3g back covers available in the market for example the cheap china ones fit on 2g iphone or are there any specific 2g back covers available. thank you

  47. Hi, my sister is upgrading to iphone 3g and gave me her 2g. I need the ph for general usage and also internet. I want to add all the latest apps. can i do that in the 2g iphone?


  48. hey , how are you ?
    would you mind telling me that what is the price of iphone 2g in INDIA ?
    thank you !

  49. plz ivitto rply i m waitng f0r y0urx reply bCoz y0u have expeRience of this ph0nes.

  50. Hi,’
    1-i have an iphone 2g, and want to upgrade it to an ios 4.0, but can’t , i searched and got an ios4.o mod( or something).I don’t know how to update it, neither i have an at&t sim. how can i get ios4.o or mod? I live in India.Thx, Pls .
    2-is there any apps that wont work on 2g while having 3.1.1 ios?

  51. if u need the approx price of this then i will help u ok……………?

  52. does iphone 2g plays iphone 3g games n apps?

  53. i have a iphone2g its memory capacity is 8gb i have a problem ….i live in india and i use internet a lot but when others iphone has full network my phone says no service and i cant even call someone it catches signal few times and when i put the sim on other phone it catchs full signal can you help and you’ll be more helpful if you can give some tips to increase net speed on iphone2

  54. I want to know does iphone 2g makes video and is better to buy??

  55. hi dude.. how long it take the iphone 3g battery or Long time?

    Please i need your response

    Thanks Buddy

  56. hi, my screen on my iphone 2g cracked, could i use a 3g screen cover to get it fixed?

  57. china i phone,plastic cover,64 Gb,2g,but my sim celcom 3g,calling work,wifi have but server failed,i am now in malaysia

  58. sorry i forgot baidu is the url

  59. hii .. i want to buy a 2g unlocked iphone but does it work with 3g network ? plz answer i need help

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